If there is anything the last decade has taught us, is that no job is safe! And the other important lesson is that no matter what your income, a second income stream is a must if you want to build a legacy and ensure the comfort of your family you leave behind.

But quitting your job and starting a business is not that easy. Is the risk worth it, with bills to pay like bond and car repayments, educational fees, and the list goes on.

The traditional mindset no longer applies.

Empire 629 gives you that safety net by starting a business but holding on to your job until your business is sustainable enough for you to quit your 9 to 5 and become a fully-fledged entrepreneur.

Our association with our umbrella company, PHL Consulting, allows us to extend our services to existing businesses that are struggling and need to take a step back and re-look and re-evaluate their business.

Empire 629, as with PHL Consulting, was started by Lester Philander when it became clear that 70% of our workforce are feeling unfulfilled and undeserved. Along with that, the majority of employees are living from paycheck to paycheck or not surviving on their current salary at all.

Lester’s business savvy background along with his years of experience, and along with a dedicated team, makes Empire 629 more than qualified to help you build your legacy and ensure additional income for you to afford the things in life that you and your family deserve.

Relying on your pension is a thing of the past. Gone are the days where you could work 20-25 years at a company with the expectation that you would be taken care of until you die. You need a retirement plan – starting your own business or investing in a second income stream should be your retirement plan and Empire 629 can help you with that.