68% of employees are unhappy, feel undervalued, and underutilized within their job function. Most employees are over-indebted and are unable to retire comfortably. There are countless that have exceptional business ideas and potential but they cannot risk giving up their stable income. Some even have gifts and qualifications that are not used or even acknowledged in the workplace so Empire629 was established to address the above factors.

Building a side hustle to profitability with a limited amount of time outside your day job is not easy and might seem impossible when you look at other household and emotional responsibilities. It takes ruthless prioritization, a psychological shift in how you view what’s most important in your life, and the willingness to get very creative and scrappy on a daily basis. And this can have a toll on you and your family.

Empire 629 takes all the messy part of building a business outside your day job, away from you. We have the know-how and experience to start your business and build it to sustainability, which should enable you to quit your job and run your business on your own.

Empire 629 will educate you, make resources available, and enable you to join a community of businesses who have the same mindset, drive, and ambitions. Via our business community portal, you will have the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas as well as sell services and products.

Hanging onto your job to collect a pension is something of the past. Let Empire 629 help you build financial security