Lester Philander and his team have personal experience and can relate to the mindset of small business owners as well as the working masses who has the passion to start a business but fear taking that step of leaving their job, due to financial responsibilities. We also understand the power of small businesses with regard to eradicating unemployment, that’s why we are committed to make everyone business venture a success

The purpose of the company is to develop SMMEs from conception to sustainability through innovation, education, and leverage. When coaching or consulting SMMEs, Lester and his team identify where they are, on the Growth Dynamic Scale (Diagnostic tool exclusive to PHL) to understand:
– Their goal or vision for their company
– Their current position
– The resources at their disposal
– The model and the USP
– The personality and habits of the owner and how that influences the management style
With the above information, the “before‟ photo is taken with the stats (staff
complement, turnover, model, etc) and the folder is created. Thereafter, they meet with the PHL coach on a monthly basis with the pure intention of growing or scaling the business to meet the goal set in the beginning. We roadmap the journey and identify all the potential obstacles and implement a strategy for each